Start Vaping E-Cigs to Quit Smoking- Good Idea?

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Electronic cigarettes have been around since 2003. Basically, they replace the smoke from a cigarette with a vaporised mixture of safe pharmaceutical-grade inhalants, nicotine, and one or more flavour essences.

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To do this, electronic cigarettes require:

1) The liquid mixture as described above (called ‘e-liquid’ or ‘e-juice’) usually contained in

2) A cartridge or tank to contain the e-liquid.

3) A heating element to vaporise the e-liquid, and

4) A battery to supply power to the heating element.

The assembled e-cigarette can provide vaping (the replacement for smoking) enjoyment for anywhere from several hours to several days before requiring replenishment of the e-liquid or recharge of the battery.

So is vaping a good way to quit smoking cigarettes?

Simply put, if it weren’t, then there’d be no market for e-cigarettes.

Beyond that, we have plenty of first-hand evidence that it is. See our piece on Cigarette Replacement for some details on how to maximise your probability of success.

Meantime, if you’re a long-time smoker, then you’ve already established some lifestyle patterns that you’re perfectly free to continue, but with the new technology. Certainly, you can reach for the e-cig whenever you might otherwise reach for the cigs.

For example, if you’re a longtime smoker of menthol cigarettes, then it makes perfect sense that you start your search for right e-liquid by trying some of the many fine menthol blends. If you’ve always craved that first cigarette after a meal while dining out, then the e-cig can step in to adopt that role…With one exception: You may not have to leave the restaurant before lighting up.

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Battery Quality VS Price

Like with E-Cigarettes, higher price doesn’t always equate to higher quality.  The best rule of thumb is “Go-with-what-you-know”.   You might add to that, go with what the reviews are saying.   A consistently reliable choice o f battery is the JoyeTech brand.   And a factor in describing battery capacity is the mAh rating.