A note from VULGO, to the Culturally-afflicted.

VULGO is on the prowl for contributions, collaborations, and synergies. VULGO is an arena for your thoughts, projects and experiences.

If you are afflicted by cultural passion, we’d love to help you get it off your chest – and propel your affliction out into the VULGO-verse.

Are you cooking up a cultural project? A play? A choreography? A song? A photographic experiment? Might you like to give VULGO a virtual window into your process?
Have you seen something that you felt was really special that more people should see? Tell VULGO all about it.
Have you participated in an Irish Film Festival in the Middle East? VULGO is interested.
Are you enthralled by a hot new DJ talent? Tell VULGO.
Are you performing in an Irish play touring the United States? Publish your diary on VULGO.

We’d love to hear about anything quirky, off-the-beaten track, and cultural with a view to sharing it with the VULGO-verse.

We are very excited about the notion of exploiting the multimedia potentialities of the online magazine format, and hence are looking for original audio for VULGO podcasts, videos and audio-slideshows for VULGOvideo.

If you fancy debuting your thoughts, philosophies, insights, reviews, cultural discoveries and passions on VULGO, it should not have appeared anywhere else first. After we have published your original contribution, with an image, we would be delighted if you sold it on somewhere else, with a mention that it first appeared on VULGO.ie. And we’d be happy to link back to your website &/or blog at the end of your contribution.

It’s kind of like a Huffington Post for Irish Culture…

So – what are you waiting for? Get in touch