Start Vaping E-Cigs to Quit Smoking- Good Idea?

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Electronic cigarettes have been around since 2003. Basically, they replace the smoke from a cigarette with a vaporised mixture of safe pharmaceutical-grade inhalants, nicotine, and one or more flavour essences.

E-Cig – E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids Reviews

To do this, electronic cigarettes require:

1) The liquid mixture as described above (called ‘e-liquid’ or ‘e-juice’) usually contained in

2) A cartridge or tank to contain the e-liquid.

3) A heating element to vaporise the e-liquid, and

4) A battery to supply power to the heating element.

The assembled e-cigarette can provide vaping (the replacement for smoking) enjoyment for anywhere from several hours to several days before requiring replenishment of the e-liquid or recharge of the battery.

So is vaping a good way to quit smoking cigarettes?

Simply put, if it weren’t, then there’d be no market for e-cigarettes.

Beyond that, we have plenty of first-hand evidence that it is. See our piece on Cigarette Replacement for some details on how to maximise your probability of success.

Meantime, if you’re a long-time smoker, then you’ve already established some lifestyle patterns that you’re perfectly free to continue, but with the new technology. Certainly, you can reach for the e-cig whenever you might otherwise reach for the cigs.

For example, if you’re a longtime smoker of menthol cigarettes, then it makes perfect sense that you start your search for right e-liquid by trying some of the many fine menthol blends. If you’ve always craved that first cigarette after a meal while dining out, then the e-cig can step in to adopt that role…With one exception: You may not have to leave the restaurant before lighting up.

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Battery Quality VS Price

Like with E-Cigarettes, higher price doesn’t always equate to higher quality.  The best rule of thumb is “Go-with-what-you-know”.   You might add to that, go with what the reviews are saying.   A consistently reliable choice o f battery is the JoyeTech brand.   And a factor in describing battery capacity is the mAh rating.

Is Energy Healing Good and How Does It Work

Healing with Energy

This is a branch of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a branch of medical therapy that is regarded as unorthodox by the medical profession and it includes herbalism, naturopathy and energy healing. In energy healing, the belief is that a healer can channel healing energy into a patient. Energy healing encourages healing by enhancing energy flow and fixing the interruptions that develop in the human energy field which saturates and surrounds the body. It cleanses your aura, which maintains the self-healing capacity of the body. Other names for it are biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing or therapeutic touch. There are three methods by which this can be achieved; hands on, hands off and distant or absent healing.
These are ancient concepts that are being revived in this modern age. Many cultures practiced forms of energy healing, and those are now being formulated into healing techniques that are accessible and acceptable to the people that are in the present time. People are starting to become wary of modern scientific methods of healing and are seeking more natural methods that do not tamper with the chemical make-up of the body.
Every aspect of our lives is controlled by energy. Not a lot of other healing methods focus on this core part of human beings. They focus more on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of people. This solves the issue on the surface, though the root of the problems remains untouched to surface again on another day. Energy healing is all about dealing with the root of the problem, thus ensuring long lasting good health for the patient. It is known as a holistic solution to healing because it is able to deal with the energy flows and patterns on every level, unlike modern medicine which tends to specialize. Despite this, energy healing is not meant to take over and push out the other types of healing, but to complement and work together with them.
There are many forms of energy healing, some that make use of herbs, crystals, or even sound. This is because these contain vibratory patterns that influence the energetic patterns at work in a person’s body. It is really dependent on the background and natural gifts of the healer. They all have different energetic strengths. The healer has to consciously use their energy field to affect that of the person who wants to be healed. Some of the healing philosophies have their roots in science and conventional medicine, whereas others have more spiritual underpinnings. Acupuncture, acupressure, emotional freedom techniques, energy focused body work, pranic healing, quantum touch, reiki, shamanic healing and polarity therapy are just some of the energy healing methods that are available to patients.
Though types of energy healing may differ, there are certain basic principles that are common to them all. They all agree that we are energetic beings and that our thoughts are followed by energy. Changes in the human aura are expressed in the body over time. They all believe that universal healing can be channeled through the healer’s hands to facilitate healing. When energy has free flow, it creates a better environment for health and overall well-being. The energy healer is able to enhance their own aura so as to positively influence the aura of the patient. The energy field is composed of many layers that support the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of a person’s life.
Whichever type you choose to opt for, you will definitely reap the benefits. Energy healing results in stress reduction triggers the body’s natural healing abilities, maintains health and boosts relaxation.